Spanwell Large S Hooks and Clamps Used in the Construction of the Hebron GBS Production Platform

Our extra large S Hooks and Hang-It Clamps are being used in the construction of one of the world’s largest oil production platforms to organize and properly store thousands of feet of electrical cords, cables and air hose. The ease of installation of our industrial S hooks assists in keeping work areas safe and free of trip hazards.

The Hebron Project Gravity Based Structure or GBS, is a reinforced concrete structure approximately 200’ in diameter and 300’ tall. The stand-alone GBS production platform is designed to withstand the weight of the Topsides, icebergs, and meteorological and oceanographic conditions of the North Atlantic Ocean.

The GBS is being built by Kiewit-Kvaerner Contractors at the Bull Arm construction site near St. John’s, Newfoundland for use in the Hebron Oil Field. Hebron lies below 300’ of water and is located 217 miles southeast of St. John’s. Follow this link to learn more about the Hebron Project GBS here.

Gravity Based Structure

S Hooks used in Gravity Based Structure

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