S Hooks are NOT for Lifting

Safety Hooks Capacity

While are S hooks are very versatile and are used in a variety of applications, they are definitely “not for lifting.”

What does “not for lifting” mean for S hooks?

Well, our S Hooks are organizational devices that assist in OSHA Housekeeping compliance standard 1910.22. They are a storage item that easily hang up and properly stores welding lead, air hose and electrical cords. However, they are not “load bearing” or “lifting” hooks such as hoists, cranes, comalong or snap hooks.

Our S Hooks are designed to withstand maximum loads. “Not for Lifting” is clearly printed on the side of all three sizes of Spanwell S Hooks.

This indicates the safest total capacity, but this is meant for storage purposes only.

For example, our 14” S Hook, SW14100, will safely store a static maximum load of 300 lbs. of welding lead, air hose and electrical cord.

View our S hooks applications gallery for different industrial applications. You can buy S hooks individually or in boxes of 25 directly from online store.

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