Long Reach Stainless Steel Scalers

Part # ERS32-400, ERS48-400, ERS60-400 & ERS72-400



  • BPM: 4,000 at 90 psi.
  • CFM: 8
  • Stroke: 1 1/16″
  • Piston diameter: 15/16″ diameter piston
  • Air inlet: 3/8″

Long Reach Stainless Steel Air Scaler built for spark-resistant, contamination free, industrial applications. Constructed with a stainless steel throttle body and scaler body and a high-alloy aluminum barrel – the ultimate corrosion resistant cleaning tool. Offered in four different lengths to reach your toughest job.  Comes with Wide Flat Carbon Chisel part #: C138 and is compatible with 1/2″ square shank chisels sold separately. Made in the USA.  Comes with a six month warranty.

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Standard features:

Short lead time
All accessories in stock and available to buy online
Six-month warranty
Made in the USA