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Extreme Duty Needle Scaler



Model MCHNS4 for extra heavy-duty use, when you need to cover more area faster than standard scaling tools. Comes equipped with a 30 pc. set of extra large, 4 mm (.1575 diam.) x 7″ scaling needles and a side handle for better control.

MCHNS is equipped with a 37 pc. set of 1/8″ x 7″ long Carbon Steel needles for standard duty scaling. Stainless Steel 1/8″ and Beryllium Copper 1/8″ diam. needles are available for us with this model.

Both models have a 360 degree rotating exhaust and 360 degree removable needle attachment and side handle. Both models can easily be converted into a Chipping Hammer with the additional purchase of Chisel Retainer, Part #: SW1190M and Coil Spring, Part #: SW1194M, both sold separately.

Specifications: 3,000 bpm at 90 psi, cfm 25, 2” stroke, 7/8” diam. piston, 1/4” air inlet. Made in the U.S.A. with a six month warranty. View our Extreme Duty Needle Scaler video.


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Additional information

Number of pieces set:

30 pc. set – MCHNS4, 37 pc. set – MCHNS

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