Long Reach Carbon Steel Scalers

Our Long Reach Air Scalers are built for heavy-duty industrial cleaning applications. Constructed with a carbon steel throttle and scaler body and a high-alloy aluminum barrel.

Long Reach Stainless Steel Scalers

Our Stainless Steel Long Reach Air Scalers are built for spark-resistant, contamination-free industrial applications. Constructed with a stainless steel throttle body and scaler body and a high-alloy aluminum barrel. 

  • The Long Reach Scalers allow you to stand instead of kneel while cleaning and chipping
  • Offered in four different lengths; choose the best length to reach your toughest job and add the right chisel
  • Long Reach Scalers allow you to reach into those hard to clean areas. Boeing and Caterpillar use these tools to remove paint from the floor of their grating systems
  • The Long Reach Stainless Steel models are built for highly corrosive and moist environments like shipyards and food manufacturing processes
  • The stainless steel models for use in environments that call for spark-resistant air tools; beryllium copper chisels and needles also available
  • The carbon steel Long Reach Scalers when used and maintained as recommended continue to perform perfectly even after 25 years of use in the field
  • We have 35+ years of experience with air (pneumatic) tools. We can help you select the right tool for the job based on the surfaces and the residues you need to tackle
  • Made in the USA
  • Power Plants clean fly ash from scrubber systems, chip coal from coal handling equipment, clean boiler tubes and break up coal clinkers in boilers
  • Refineries use for cleaning crude from grates; any areas with crude buildup
  • Boat builders use them for removing old fiberglass when refurbishing boats
  • Tank builders use to clean the inside of tanks and prepare surfaces for welds using stainless steel chisels
  • Shipyards use them to remove barnacles, surface prep for paint and repair
  • Pot Ash – remove buildup, clean ash handling equipment
  • View a video of our Long Reach Air Scaler in action
  • Power Plants
  • Refineries
  • Pot Ash Mining
  • Industrial Tank Fabrication & Maintenance
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Shipyards
  • Chimney Cleaning Industry
  • Floor Tile Removal, Grout Removal, Carpet Removal
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