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Long Reach Air (Pneumatic) Scaler

Long Reach Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Scalers

Long Reach Carbon Steel Scalers

Our Long Reach Air Scalers are built for heavy duty industrial cleaning applications. Constructed with a carbon steel throttle and scaler body and a high-alloy aluminum barrel. Offered in four different lengths. Comes with a Wide Flat Carbon Chisel C138 and uses most 1/2″ square shank chisels sold separately. Easily converts to a Long Reach Needle Scaler with Needle Attachment, part #: SW4267A purchased separately.

Specifications: 4,000 blows per minute at 90 psi., cfm 8, 1 1/16″ stroke, 15/16″ diameter piston and 1/4″ air inlet. Made in the U.S.A. with a six month warranty.

“We sure appreciate your great service. We did a lot of research and you’re the only company that offered the non-spark, beryllim copper chisel in a long reach tool. We’re really happy with how well your scaler works for cleaning the heavy-duty, glass baked paint from grates in our painting facility.”

K.T., Maint. Sup., Caterpiller, Peoria, Illinois

Available in four different lengths
ERS32-1822 feet 8 inches7 lbs
ERS48-1824 feet9.5 lbs
ERS60-1825 feet11.5 lbs
ERS72-1826 feet12.25 lbs

Long Reach Stainless Steel Scalers

Our Stainless Steel Long Reach Air Scaler built for spark-resistant, contamination free, industrial applications. Constructed with a 416 stainless steel throttle body and scaler body and a high-alloy aluminum barrel – the ultimate corrosion resistant cleaning tool. Offered in four different lengths to reach your toughest job. Easily converts to a stainless steel needle scaler with the purchase of our stainless steel needle attachment, part #: SW4267A . Comes with Wide Flat Carbon Chisel, C138 and is compatible with 1/2″ square shank chisels sold separately.

Specifications: 4,000 blows per minute at 90 psi., cfm 8, 1 1/16″ stroke, 15/16″ diameter piston and a 3/8″ air inlet. Made in the U.S.A. with a six month warranty.

Available in four different lengths
ERS32-4002 feet 8 inches7.2 lbs
ERS48-4004 feet9.7 lbs
ERS60-4005 feet11.7 lbs
ERS72-4006 feet12.5 lbs
  • The long reach scalers allow you to stand instead of kneel while cleaning and chipping
  • Offered in four different lengths; choose the best length to reach your toughest job and add the right chisel
  • Long reach scalers allow you to reach into those hard to clean areas. Boeing and Caterpillar use these tools to remove paint from the floor of their grating systems
  • The stainless steel models are built for highly corrosive and moist environments like shipyards and food manufacturing processes
  • The stainless steel models for use in environments that call for spark resistant air tools; beryllium copper chisels and needles also available
  • The carbon steel long reach tools when used and maintained as recommended continue to perform perfectly even after 25 years of use in the field
  • The Long Reach MCH Heavy Duty Model is a heavier hitting scaler, weighs more and uses the larger .680 chisel styles
  • We have 29 years of experience with air (pneumatic) tools. We can help you select the right tool for the job based on the surfaces and the residues you need to tackle
  • Made in the USA
  • Power Plants clean fly ash from scrubber systems, chip coal from coal handling equipment, clean boiler tubes and break up coal clinkers in boilers
  • Refineries use for cleaning crude from grates; any areas with crude buildup
  • Boat builders use them for removing old fiberglass when refurbishing boats
  • Tank builders use to clean the inside of tanks and prepare surfaces for welds using stainless steel chisels
  • Shipyards use them to remove barnacles, surface prep for paint and repair
  • Pot Ash – remove buildup, clean ash handling equipment
  • View a video of our Long Reach Air Scaler in action
  • Power Plants
  • Refineries
  • Pot Ash Mining
  • Industrial Tank Fabrication & Maintenance
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Food and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Shipyards
  • Chimney Cleaning Industry
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