How Electrical Contractors Use Large S Hooks to Make Pulling Wire Easier


Metal-clad cable, abbreviated as MC has become popular for electrical installations because it helps to achieve faster job turns at a lower cost. It is not surprising then to see electrical contractors for both commercial and residential work, use the Spanwell large S hooks every day to hang baskets that dispense MC Cable and Romex wire.

“We hang two wire baskets from 2 large S Hooks and can run twice the cable in half the time!” says Monte Snyder of Platinum Electric, a commercial contractor in Bozeman, Montana. He said, “Hanging a wire basket from a 12″ S Hook that holds 250′ of MC Cable works so much better than the old way of using a 2×4 stud reel. Hanging our baskets from an upper truss or joist works much more efficiently.”

How to hang wire baskets from a large S hook

  • Place the 12″ S Hook for hanging on an overhead truss or joist.
  • Place the top of the wire basket into the bottom opening of the S Hook.
  • The S hook holds the wire basket perfectly and the wire uncoils from the basket much more efficiently
  • The wire basket holds 250′ of MC Cable or Romex wire. .

Pulling wire more easily is the goal of any electrical contractor. However, there are many more benefits for electrical contractors who use Spanwell’s extra-large S hooks.

  • These extra-large S hooks are coated with a heavy PVC coating and will not mar other surfaces.
  • Their solid aluminum core increases safety in hot and cold temperatures.
  • They are non-conductive and extremely durable.
  • See photo above.

Another application of large S hooks is helping electrical contractors organize their work vans or trucks by hanging tool belts, coils of cable and tools. Snyder said, “We use the Spanwell S Hooks daily on the job site and in our vans and they work great!” (See photo on the left)

Spanwell S Hooks, 12″ SW1275 used in this application can be purchased individually or by the box of 25.

See all three sizes of extra-large S hooks here.

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