How Extra Large S Hooks Help in OSHA Compliance

How Extra Large S Hooks Help in OSHA ComplianceThe Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance standard we’re referring to here is the “Housekeeping 1910.22” (Walking-Working Surfaces). The first rule of safety for anyone’s job is to keep their work areas clean and safe from hazards. It’s a job that needs to be done every day.

By following best practices of workplace housekeeping, you reduce the risk of injuries and should be an important part of your company’s loss control program.

Keeping aisles and walkways free from trip hazards like loose cords, air hoses or welding lead will keep your employees safe from “lost time accidents.”

It would seem just plain common sense, but often times those are the areas you’ll find hoses coiled on the floor where workers can easily trip and fall.

Our extra-large S Hooks easily solve this problem because they can be hung just about anywhere you can find a pipe or rod. If there are no pipes to hang a hook over, you can install a Hang-it Clamp to hang an S Hook.

OSHA Housekeeping standards not only suggest procedures for work area safety but for getting organized as well.

You would be amazed at how quickly you can clean up a workbench, organize a tool room, tool crib or storage closet. An organized work area promotes work efficiency. S Hooks organize the storage of hand tools, hardhats, tool bags and work wear.

Stay Hooked on Safety. View our S Hooks Application Gallery for more application ideas.

Do you use large S Hooks to help you keep your workplace safe and comply with OSHA Housekeeping requirement?

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