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Need to comply with OSHA Housekeeping requirements? Organize work and storage areas simply, safely and economically? Spanwell’s extra large and heavy duty S Hooks are perfect for the job. Our extra large S-Hooks come in 9″, 12″ and 14″ sizes for hanging welding leads, air hoses, electrical cords and more. Keep work areas safe and organized with our large S Hooks. Hang them over pipes or rods or suspend them from our patented Hang-It™ Clamp set-screwed to a flat surface.

Visit our S Hooks Applications Gallery page ». See below for how to buy our extra-large S hooks.

Extra-large S hooks from Spanwell

What you get from Spanwell

Other manufacturers try to confuse you with maximum load capacities that are misleading. Our S hooks have undergone vigorous testing and we state our safe maximum loads clearly for each size.  Our S hooks are made of solid aluminum are coated with a heavy duty PVC and are non-conductive.  Here’s how Spanwell S Hooks benefit your job site:

  • Won’t shatter in cold temperatures because our S hooks are made of solid aluminum and not glass reinforced polyester material like those from our competition
  • hang it clamp hooks & telescopic poSafe to handle with bare hands because they don’t shed shards of glass onto hands like glass reinforced polyester hooks
  • Solid aluminum core increases safety in hot and cold temperatures
  • Will not deteriorate or age from extreme temperature changes
  • PVC (polyvinyl coating) will not mar other surfaces
  • Non-conductive and extremely durable
  • Available in 3 industrial sizes – 9″, 12″ and 14″ lengths
  • The only 14″ S Hook currently available in the market
  • Coated in highly durable Safety Yellow PVC (polyester nylon) and not painted
  • S Hooks work in tandem with our Hang-It™ Clamp to allow usage in an all-beam environment
  • Made in the USA
Part # Length Max. Load Price
SW0950 9 inches 50 lbs $225.25 per box of 25 Buy now
SW1275 12 inches 225 lbs $275.00 per box of 25 Buy now
SW14100 14 inches 300 lbs $387.50 per box of 25 Buy now
SW0950(I) 9 inches 50 lbs $11.50 each Buy Now
SW1275(I) 12 inches 225 lbs $13.75 each Buy Now
SW14100(I) 14 inches 300 lbs $18.75 each Buy Now

Hooks can be purchased individually or in boxes of 25. Online orders generally ship same day as ordered if we receive your order by Noon Mountain Time and you are using a credit card or have an existing net 30 account. Reseller pricing available. Additional lead time is required for Canadian and International orders. Buy now »

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