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Your stainless steel needle scalers go through hell and back and are still fit for duty after we put hundreds and hundreds of hours on ‘em. We’re done buying the Ingersoll Rand brand needle scalers now that we’ve found yours.

James,Vessel Maintenance and Repair, Kingshill, Virgin Islands

I just wanted to let you know that the feedback on these scalers has been great! I have several different sites ordering them now and hope for more. If I ever get down that way again I am going to stop by your shop and we will go for Speedway Chicken Fried Steaks!

Clark Pearson, Goodman Industrial, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan

“Your 14” S Hooks are excellent for temporary power – set-up time is short and we don’t need a ladder because we use your telescopic pole to work from the ground”

Shell Refinery, Electrical Planner

“I really thought that I would have to find a product that would do in a pinch, not realizing that your company makes exactly what we need. If the product is a good as your service, I know we will be thrilled.”

W.S., Victoria Conference Center

I run an electrical supply distribution center. A huge part of our business is the sale and cutting of various size cable for our customer base. The ugly part for anybody involved in this process is finding an efficient means of storing the short lengths so that they can be easily accessed to fulfill smaller orders. This helps to reduce scrap and get the most out of dollars invested in inventory. Your SW1275 & SW14100 large S hooks have been the answer for us. We have developed a rack storage system using these hooks that allows us to hang all of our coiled shorts in an organized fashion at a safe level for our employees. This has allowed us to hang our coils like coats in a closet. I also want to mention that it is always a pleasure to speak to your staff. They are always pleasant and helpful. Thank you for helping us resolve our problem and I look forward to dealing with you in the future.

Bill Johnson, Director of Warehouse Operations
Rumsey Electric Supply

Your product is exactly what I need to hang high performance bicycle tires underneath a concrete and metal stairwell. (I am so tired of them all over the floor) I have searched everywhere and short of having something custom made or having workmen come in and build something, this is the best solution.

M.S., Bicycle Enthusiast, Texas

Back in April we purchased 50 each of the 12” & 14” S-Hooks. We incorporated them in our turnaround with great success. We then shared the success in a company-wide newsletter as a best practice and it was received well. We also shared the idea with a group who represent Citgo, Conoco and SASAL Chemical. They were eager to share with their respective plants as well. I just thought I would send you a heads up in the event the orders pick up unexpectedly.

B.G., Planner, Power Generation

I received my order today. The gooseneck chisel scaler is everything I dreamed of. Thanks for your help and maybe I can find the need to by something again!

J.B., Project Manager, Industrial Coating Services

We sure like your Hooks. We don’t have to waste time building wooden trees to hang our leads. I’d like to have your Hooks on every project as a standard inventory item.

K.B., Project Manager, Turnaround Service Industry

We use the long reach scalers for cleaning in the scrubbers. They stand up well to the moisture and abuse.

Lee Modesitt, Purchasing, Basin Electric Power

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