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Tips and ideas for eliminating trip hazards and preventing injuries by using our large S hooks to keep your industrial workplace safety program OSHA compliant.

Use Large S Hooks to Hang Oil Pad Wellhead Cords and Prevent Trip Hazards

Large S hooks reduce trip hazards at weeleheads

Spanwell’s heavy duty S Hooks are an easy, effective and economical way to keep wellhead cables and cords organized. This will minimize slip, trip and fall hazards.

On a daily basis, a variety of oil field roustabouts interact with wellheads. It could be an oil company’s wellhead pumper maintaining the wellhead and monitoring auxiliary equipment or a third party worker accessing sample points. The large S Hook helps to lower tripping accidents in all working conditions by keeping excess cables and cords off the ground.

Use large S hooks instead of tape in extreme weather conditionsOilfields, particularly in the Bakken region, experience extreme temperature swings from -38 degrees below zero to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The Spanwell S Hook (SW1275) is made of solid aluminum and coated with non-conductive, highly durable PVC that can withstand such extreme temperature fluctuations and severe weather conditions.

Other organizing devices like zip ties and tape quickly deteriorate and lose effectiveness in extreme temperatures, snow, rain and wind.

The Spanwell S Hook in safety yellow color is highly visible and is easy to install. These large S hooks are an economical way to manage all electrical cords and cables.

Learn more about the Spanwell, 12” S Hook, Part #: SW1275. Spanwell S Hooks are also available in other sizes; the 9” tall S Hook is part number SW0950 and 14” tall extra-large S Hook is part number SW14100.

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How Electrical Contractors Use Large S Hooks to Make Pulling Wire Easier

Electrical contractors use large S hooks to make pulling wire easier

Metal-clad cable, abbreviated as MC has become popular for electrical installations because it helps to achieve faster job turns at a lower cost. It is not surprising then to see electrical contractors for both commercial and residential work, use the Spanwell large S hooks every day to hang baskets that dispense MC Cable and Romex wire.

“We hang two wire baskets from 2 large S Hooks and can run twice the cable in half the time!” says Monte Snyder of Platinum Electric, a commercial contractor in Bozeman, Montana. He said, “Hanging a wire basket from a 12″ S Hook that holds 250′ of MC Cable works so much better than the old way of using a 2×4 stud reel. Hanging our baskets from an upper truss or joist works much more efficiently.”

How to hang wire baskets from a large S hook

  • Place the 12″ S Hook for hanging on an overhead truss or joist.
  • Place the top of the wire basket into the bottom opening of the S Hook.
  • The S hook holds the wire basket perfectly and the wire uncoils from the basket much more efficiently
  • The wire basket holds 250′ of MC Cable or Romex wire. .

Pulling wire more easily is the goal of any electrical contractor. However, there are many more benefits for electrical contractors who use Spanwell’s extra-large S hooks.

  • These extra-large S hooks are coated with a heavy PVC coating and will not mar other surfaces.
  • Their solid aluminum core increases safety in hot and cold temperatures.
  • They are non-conductive and extremely durable.
  • See photo above.

Large S hooks for organizing electrical contractor vansAnother application of large S hooks is helping electrical contractors organize their work vans or trucks by hanging tool belts, coils of cable and tools. Snyder said, “We use the Spanwell S Hooks daily on the job site and in our vans and they work great!” (See photo on the left)

Spanwell S Hooks, 12″ SW1275 used in this application can be purchased individually or by the box of 25.

See all three sizes of extra-large S hooks here.

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Organize Tool Rooms and Storage Areas with Large S Hooks

large s hooks for organizing tool rooms and storage areas

Our heavy-duty large S hooks are a simple and economical solution for organizing your worksite tool room, work bench and supply area. Organizing storage areas with large S hooks not only helps you meet basic housekeeping requirements on your job site but also increases productivity.

Housekeeping is not just keeping things clean; it’s also keeping work areas neat and orderly and of course, free from trip hazards – a safer environment!

Large S Hooks create a place for tools and supplies to be properly stored, hung up and off of the floor, away from walk ways. Hanging tools and rigging from our large S hook makes for a more effective use of space and easier access to tools and supplies. Getting organized improves productivity as tools and supplies are more quickly accessed, and after use, put away properly.

Our 12” extra-large S hook, SW1275, is the perfect size for hanging, slings, hard hats, cables and rigging in your worksite storage area.

S hooks can be hung just about anywhere you need to hang hoses, coiled welding lead, electric cables and air hose.

Our industrial S hooks look like large plastic S Hooks but they’re actually made of solid aluminum on the inside and coated with a heavy-duty, safety yellow, poly vinyl coating (PVC) which makes Spanwell’s S Hooks non-conductive. The PVC coating won’t mar other surfaces either.

You can buy large S hooks from our online store as individual hooks or for better pricing, in boxes of 25.

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Hang-It Clamp and Large S Hooks Used Together in Hanging Welding Lead in Work Areas with Red Iron (I-Beams)

Hang-it Clamp and Extra Large S hooks for red iron or i-beam environmentsYou’ve already taken the first step for eliminating trip hazards and preventing injuries by using our extra-large S hooks to keep your industrial workplace safety program OSHA compliant.

The Spanwell Hang-It Clamp™ allows you to hang heavy duty S hooks in areas where only red iron or I-beam is available. When you’re working and welding in an area with no piping or conduit to throw an S hook over, you can attach the Hang-It Clamp to any I-beam or red iron with a ¾” flange thickness or less.

Attach the hang-it clamp by hand tightening the set screw with an Allen wrench. The clamp’s set screw is a cup point, alloy set screw that you should never replace with any other style set screw, bolt or foreign object. Once you’ve installed the Clamp, be sure that the set screw is tightened properly and can sustain the planned load.

Once the hang-it clamp is properly secured, place our 12” tall, SW1275 or 14” tall, SW14100, giant S hook into the clamp. Now you can easily string your welding lead along from S hook to S hook, above and away from walkways.

Concentrate the load in the center or “saddle” of the lower part of the S Hook. Remember that Spanwell S Hooks are not load or lifting hooks; they’re organizational devices.

Our industrial S hooks hang welding lead, air hose and electrical cable to help you meet OSHA safe housekeeping requirements, eliminate trip hazards and organize your workspace.

The Spanwell Hang-it Clamp is made of solid aluminum and can be purchased in any quantity from our online store (Part number SW0050).

Learn more about how to correctly hang Extra-Large S Hooks using the Hang-It Clamp.

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Extendable Telescopic Pole with Hook Prevents Fall Injuries

The Spanwell extendable Telescopic Pole with hook, expands out to 8 feet. This removes the need for a ladder when hanging S hooks on work sites or manufacturing floors. Thus eliminating falls from ladders that can cause injuries ranging from sprains to deaths.

The Telescopic Pole also makes loading giant S Hooks with electric cords, welding lead and air hose safe and easy while keeping workers safely on the ground.

How to use the extendable Telescopic Pole with hook

Using the extendable Telescopic Pole

  • Place the top of the large plastic S hook (PVC coated solid aluminum S hooks) into the “C” shaped end of the pole.
  • Lift the S hook up, into the air with the pole and set it upon a pipe.
  • Next, place your electric cords into the “C” shaped end of the pole.
  • Lift the cords up in the air and load them into the lower, hose hanging bottom of the giant S hook.
  • Repeat the same steps to string along air hoses, welding lead, cables and cords.

Hanging S Hooks this way is easy and takes much less time than re-arranging and stepping up and down a portable ladder. You’ve now quickly and very safely, without the use of a ladder, organized your work area while preventing a fall injury. The Spanwell extendable Telescopic Pole keeps workers safely on the ground – a safety program checklist winner!

You can buy the Telescopic Pole directly from our online store.

Learn more about Spanwell’s Hang-It Clamps and industrial S Hooks for hanging hose, electric wire and cords on our Extra Large S Hooks page.

Get Hooked on Safety!

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Use Giant S Hooks to Hang Welding Leads for Safer Turnaround Services

Spanwell's giant s hook for hanging welding leads

Coiled welding leads and hoses can be found everywhere during maintenance turnaround services in industrial, petrochemical and power industries. However, this can pose a serious trip hazard and could be a violation of OSHA Housekeeping requirements if these leads and hoses are not organized and stored properly.

Before moving your welding crew to the next plant site for turnaround services, be sure to include basic housekeeping in your safety plan. Keeping your welding lead organized and away from walkways and work areas may not seem like a big deal but being organized improves work efficiency as well as safety.

Our heavy duty giant S hooks for hanging welding leads is an inexpensive way to prevent a costly trip and fall injury. Not only do our large S hooks prevent accidents by clearing your walkways but they also contribute to the efficiency of your worksite.

Your crew can quickly place Spanwell’s industrial S Hooks over pipes and beams to store welding lead where it belongs — up and out of the way temporarily or permanently. The use of giant S Hooks for hanging welding lead is basic housekeeping at its best.

Spanwell’s extra-large S hooks come in 9″, 12″ and 14″ sizes for hanging welding leads, air hoses, electrical cords and more. You can buy them directly from our online store individually or in boxes of 25 (best prices).

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