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Air Chipping Hammers

Mini Chipping Hammer and Extreme Duty Air Chipper

Heavy Duty Mini Chipping Hammer

The MCH Mini Chipping Hammer is light-weight and delivers 3,000 blows per minute of chipping and scaling power. Equipped with a 360 degree rotating exhaust and ergonomic throttle handle, the MCH Mini easily converts to a needle scaler. The MCH Mini uses the larger .680 round shank, oval collar, heavy duty chisels. Chisel sold separately. View our video of MCH Mini Chipping Hammer in action.

Specifications: 3,000 bpm at 90 psi., 2″ stroke, 7/8″ diameter piston. Made in the U.S.A. and comes with a six month warranty.

Extreme Duty Air Chipper, 4 Bolt Style

Extreme Duty Air Chipper, 4 bolt style, built for industrial cleaning, scraping, cutting, roughing and chipping applications. The 4 bolted handle reduces handle breakage and loosening which causes loss of power and premature wearing of valves. Equipped with a 360 degree rotating exhaust to help blow air away from the operator and a rubber bumper installed in the piston upper cylinder to cushion the piston in its’ up stroke. The cushioned side handle adds comfort and control for the operator as well.  Six month warranty. Chisels sold separately.

Specifications: for SWCHB2R (.680 round) and SWCHB2H (.580 hex): 2″ stroke, 2400 bpm at 90 psi, cfm 28, 1 1/8″ diam. piston, 3/8″ fpt. air inlet, hose size 3/8″-1/2″, length less chisel 14 1/2″

Tool Specifics for SWCHB3R (.680 round) and SWCHB3H (.580 hex): 3″ stroke, 1920 bpm at 90 psi, cfm 30, 1 1/8″ diam. piston, 3/8″ fpt. air inlet, hose size 3/8-1/2″, length less chisel 15 1/2″

  • The MCH Mini Chipping hammer is super heavy hitting for a pistol style chipper. It is the only one of its kind Made in the USA
  • The MCH mini is a step above others in power at 3,000bpm versus 4,000bpm
  • The HD Mini Chipping Hammer doubles up as a Pneumatic Chisel Scaler
  • We have 30+ years of experience with air (pneumatic) tools. We can help you select the right tool for the job based on the surfaces and the residues you need to tackle
  • Best for heavier residues like refractory (built up cement, fire proof lining)
  • Asphalt removal, concrete removal, surface roughing and bush hammering
  • Concrete block foundries use them for removing concrete from forms
  • May also be used for the same applications as our Pneumatic Chisel Scalers
  • Power Plants
  • Refineries
  • Pot Ash Mining
  • Industrial Tank Fabrication & Maintenance
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Shipyards
  • Chimney Cleaning Industry
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