Company Profile

Spanwell® (Spanwell Service Inc.) headquartered in Forsyth, Montana, USA manufactures the Spanwell® S Hook and Hang-It Clamp and builds and repairs industrial air tools.

Spanwell® products are sold all over the world. Orders shipping to the United States and Canada can be placed directly on the Spanwell® website or ordered through industrial distributors. Orders for customers beyond the US and Canada can be placed by contacting our sales team at

Spanwell® began in 1987, repairing industrial tools for Montana Power Company.  In 1995, the power company needed a tool that could reach into their scrubber systems to remove fly ash from trenches and clinkers from boilers. The owner of Spanwell®, always ready for the challenge of solving a customer problem, built the Long Reach Air Scaler. As Spanwell® Scalers sold to power plants and refineries across the country, customers asked for a stainless steel model for use in spark-resistant and corrosive environments. The Stainless Steel Long Reach Scalers were born and are used for all types of industrial cleaning applications, from pot ash mining to ship re-building to food and pet food manufacturing. They’re offered in four different lengths to reach the toughest job.

In 2007, again solving an industrial customer’s problem, led to the idea for the Spanwell® S Hook and Hang-It Clamp. A Montana refinery customer on a cold winter day was using a fiberglass hook to organize and hang hoses on the plant site. The fiberglass hooks would shatter when dropped on the ground and left shards of glass on workers’ hands when handled without gloves – very unsafe! Spanwell® designed a better and safer S Hook that’s PVC coated with a solid aluminum core that can hold up to extreme weather. The Hang-It Clamp soon followed allowing an S Hook to hang in an all-beam environment. Spanwell® S Hooks are organizational devices that prevent trip hazards and help companies comply with OSHA Safe Housekeeping requirement 1910.22. See the full line of innovative Spanwell® products here.

Why Partner with Spanwell®

At Spanwell®, we recognize that our success depends greatly on our customers’ success. We never forget that you are counting on our large S hooks and industrial air tools to perform in harsh environments. The safety of your workplace and your employees is at stake. We take that responsibility very seriously.

We don’t just sell you hardware; we provide you peace of mind with excellent customer service that is responsive to your needs. While many manufacturers have chosen to go offshore, we are proud of our 37-year tradition of manufacturing our S hooks and air tools right here in Montana, USA.

Being customer-centric is how the company was founded, and we continue to focus on the customer as we do business today. Every product that we have developed and manufactured was born out of solving a real-world customer problem. This has resulted in many unique features built right into our industrial products that you won’t find anywhere else.

You won’t face any costly delays waiting on products and parts because we maintain an extensive inventory of our S Hooks (all three sizes), clamps, air tools and accessories. They are always in stock and ready to ship the same day if ordered by 1 pm MST. (Some exceptions apply). We are fully committed to working hard every day for our customers. Our new online store makes it much easier for you to buy from Spanwell®. We aim to earn your trust with our integrity, innovation, and customer service that have withstood the test of time for 37 years.

Hallmarks of our 37 years of success

Spanwell – 37th Anniversary
  • Develop unique products that solve customer problems
  • Manufacture high-quality products that are made in the USA
  • All products and parts are in stock and ready to ship immediately
  • Hands-on experience repairing pneumatic hand tools for 37 years
  • Knowledgeable about industrial safety and cleaning applications for pneumatic tools
  • Excellent customer service that is responsive to your needs

Give us a call and experience the Spanwell® difference firsthand. We would love the opportunity to make you a satisfied lifetime customer.

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