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Spanwell (Spanwell Service, Inc.) is headquartered in Forsyth, MT, USA and is a manufacturer of large S Hooks, Clamps and Industrial Air Tools.

The company was founded in 1987 and got its start by repairing industrial tools for Montana Power Company. Our early business was limited to repairing impact tools, electric tools, hoists and comalongs.

Soon we developed a regional reputation for quality repair service of industrial hand tools. This led to some of our customers asking us to build industrial air tools for specific applications. One specialized tool lead to the next and now we have a full line of pneumatic tools, some more unique than others that are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Over the years, Spanwell expanded into manufacturing S Hooks and Clamps that are used in many industries to prevent trip hazards and comply with OSHA Housekeeping requirements.

Spanwell - 35 years in businessToday, as Spanwell celebrates its 35th Anniversary in business, we serve a wide variety of industrial customers in the US, Canada and a few other countries. We would be delighted to make you one of our new lifetime satisfied customers.

The following timeline outlines Spanwell’s history of innovative products that help solve real-world problems for our industrial customers.

  • 1987: Repairing industrial tools for Montana Power Company (MPC).
  • 1995: MPC asked if we could build a tool that would allow the worker to reach into their scrubber systems to clean their trenches filled with fly ash. Our Long Reach Scaler was born.
  • 2007: The large S Hook and the Hang-It Clamp were born out of solving a problem for one of our refinery customers. He was using our competitor’s hook to hang hoses at the plant. It was a cold winter’s day and they found that the fiberglass hooks they were using would shatter when dropped on the ground. NOT SAFE! The founders of Spanwell knew they could build a better s hook so the Spanwell PVC coated, solid aluminum core hook was born. Our patented Hang-It Clamp for hanging hooks in all-beam environments came a few years later.
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