Extra Large S Hooks – Heavy Duty Yellow S Hooks

Need to comply with OSHA Housekeeping requirements? Organize work and storage areas simply, safely and economically.
Spanwell’s extra-large and heavy duty yellow S Hooks are perfect for the job. Our extra-large S-Hooks come
in 9″, 12″ and 14″ sizes for hanging welding leads, air hoses, electrical cords and more.

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Large Aluminum S Hooks

Manage welding leads, air hoses and electrical cords with our solid aluminum industrial S Hooks made in the USA. Easily comply with OSHA Housekeeping requirements and minimize accident liability.

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Hang-It™ Clamp

The Spanwell Hang-It™ Clamp (Part # SW0050) works in tandem with our extra large S Hooks in an all-beam environment. The clamp, purchased separately, will suspend 9″, 12″ and 14″ hooks.

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Extendable Telescopic Pole

The Spanwell extendable Telescopic Pole with hook (Part # SWR05548), expands out to 8 feet. This removes the need for a ladder when hanging S hooks on work sites or manufacturing floors.

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Beryllium Copper Chisels

Beryllium Copper Chisels are designed for non- sparking applications. Available in 2″ wide x 7″ long, 1/2″ notched, square shank style and in 2 1/2″ wide x 9″ long, shank style is .6801 round with oval collar.

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Extreme Duty Needle Scaler

Model MCHNS-NS4 for extra heavy-duty use, when you need to cover more area faster than standard scaling tools. 3,000 bpm at 90 psi, cfm 25, 2″ stroke, 7/8” diam. piston, 1/4″ air inlet.

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Long Reach Air Scalers

Spanwell offers Long Reach Air (Pneumatic) Scalers in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and the MCH Heavy Duty Model. The long reach allows you to stand instead of kneeling while cleaning and chipping.

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Why choose Spanwell

  • Develop unique products that solve customer problems
  • Manufacture high quality products that are made in the USA
  • All products and parts in stock ready to ship immediately
  • Hands-on experience repairing tools
  • Knowledgeable about industrial safety and cleaning applications
  • Excellent customer service that is responsive to your needs
  • Secure and convenient online buying or order by phone
  • Been in business for 30 years

What our customers say

“Your 14” S Hooks are excellent for temporary power – set-up time is short and we don’t need a ladder because we use your telescopic pole to work from the ground”
Shell Refinery - Electrical Planner
“I really thought that I would have to find a product that would do in a pinch, not realizing that your company makes exactly what we need.  If the product is a good as your service, I know we will be thrilled.”
W.S. Victoria Conference Center
“Your stainless steel needle scalers go through hell back and are still fit for duty after we put hundreds and hundreds of hours on ‘em. We’re done buying the Ingersoll Rand brand needle scalers now that we’ve found yours.”
James, Vessel Maintenance and Repair, Kingshill, Virgin Islands
“Your product is exactly what I need to hang high performance bicycle tires underneath a concrete and metal stairwell. (I am so tired of them all over the floor) I have searched everywhere and short of having something custom made or having workmen come in and build something, this is the best solution.”
M.S., Bicycle Enthusiast, Texas
“I just wanted to let you know that the feedback on these scalers has been great! I have several different sites ordering them now and hope for more. If I ever get down that way again I am going to stop by your shop and we will go for Speedway Chicken Fried Steaks!”
CLARK PEARSON, Goodman Industrial, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan
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