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Extra Large S Hooks & Industrial Air Tools

Plant & Safety Managers, MRO Professionals and Industrial Construction & Electrical Contractors Count on Spanwell

Hoses in work areas create trip hazards.

5 reasons why you need large S Hooks today for workplace safety

Achieve “no lost time accidents”
Minimize accident liability
Comply with OSHA Housekeeping
Prevent slip and fall accidents
Eliminate trip hazards

Safety conscious companies like these use our S Hooks for everyday safety: Kiewit Corp., Phillips 66, ExxonMobil, CB&I, Enerfab, Fluor Corp., Shell Global, Syncrude, Hess Corp., BMW Constructors, Bollinger Shipyards, and Bechtel.

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Unique features of Spanwell’s industrial air (pneumatic) tools

Industrial Air Tools from SpanwellSpanwell manufactures a full line of air (pneumatic) tools and accessories. Some of our tools have unique features that are not found in any other similar product in the market today.

Our Long Reach Air Tools let you stand while you clean any surface; fly ash from tanks and vessels or bottom ash clinkers from boiler areas. Choose the best length to reach your toughest job.

Our Stainless-Steel Air Tools are built for spark-resistant, contamination free industrial applications making them the ultimate corrosion resistant chipping tool.

We also carry a full line of chisels, needles and accessories for our air tools. Spanwell can help you select the right tool for the job based on the surfaces and the residues you need to tackle.

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